Mascara: The Battle Between Drugstore and Prestigious Brands

Here’s what I’ve learned about high-end mascara: Save your money.

I’ve been able to try out a couple brands of high end mascara, such as the They’re Real! Mascara from Benefit ($24.00) and the Perversion Mascara from Urban Decay ($22.00). Honestly, they’re not much different than a drugstore mascara. The ingredients in mascaras tend to be similar and haven’t come too much of a long way, thus having little differences between each.

Your natural eyelashes also play a significant role in regards to how much longer a mascara can lengthen your lashes. If you have short eyelashes, don’t expect too much.

Furthermore, the way mascara is applied is more important. You can easily make a drugstore mascara work just as well as a high end by applying simple tricks:

1. Curl your eyelashes
2. Apply a mascara primer
3. Slowly turn the mascara wand towards you while applying to the upper eyelashes, in a curling motion
4. Apply more than one coat of mascara: apply to one eye, and apply to the other, then go back to the first eye
5. Opt for waterproof, as it holds a curl better
6. Curl your eyelashes after you’ve applied your mascara (this isn’t the best for eyelashes, be careful!)

If you’re on the hunt for a good drugstore mascara, I would recommend The Rocket by Maybelline ($5.99) or Best Lash by Jordana which is actually $2.99 at drugstores. In fact, every single time I’ve been complimented on my eyelashes, I was wearing a drugstore mascara.

I do believe, however, that foundations, lipsticks, and eyeshadows are worth splurging on due to their longevity and pigment. I recommend checking out YouTube for recommendations.

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